Eight Questions To Ask A Home Stager

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If you’re looking to attract maximum potential buyers to your listing and sell it for the highest price, it has to look the part! To turn your everyday home into a stunning abode, you’ll need the skilled services of a home stager. They have the resources to spruce up your house and a keen eye for design, which will ensure your place looks beautiful and welcoming.

However, if you’ve never worked with a staging company or interior designer before, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right professional for your needs. To make the whole process of selecting a home stager easier for you, Poetically Featured Properties has outlined eight valuable questions to ask a home stager.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to understand which stager you are considering is the best fit for you, and capable of meeting your needs and your budget.

1. What price point range of home do you specialize in?
The answer to this question will tell you if the stager is a good fit for you and your home. PFP specializes in staging homes priced for sale between $250,000-2,000,000. Some stagers are luxury home stagers and their style and inventory would not look right in a less expensive home as ours would not look right in a $30,000,000 home.

2. What design styles do you specialize in?
This will give you an idea of the décor they use and how extravagant it is. Usually, stagers will emphasize on their best work, but if you want to know how they really work, check out their latest projects. Ask for links to homes they currently have staged. Check out our gallery page titled “home staging styles” to see if one of ours matches your home's style. 

3. How do you charge for your staging?
The cost of staging varies from project to project and company to company. Some stagers charge based on the size of the house, the number of hours it will take to complete the process or the number of rooms you want to have staged, along with the duration of the staging. Make sure you are getting a good value for what you are paying for. The more furniture for less $ the better the value of the stage. The level of talent your stager has and the nicer the furniture is also something to evaluate.

4. How many days are included in the initial cost?
This will give you the amount of time your house will be staged for potential buyers to see. Most stagers include 30 days in their initial bid. Some offer more. A helpful tip is to stage the day before the photographer comes out to ensure you are able to utilize the maximum amount of time your home is staged.

5. What is your monthly furniture rental rate?
This will help you determine how much money you could potentially need to pay to have your home staged going forward should it not sell within the first month. PFP charges 30% of the up-front cost for our monthly furniture rental rate.

6. Where is your service coverage area?
Before you choose a staging company, you need to know which areas they service. Accordingly, you can determine if they are capable of meeting your deadlines and your needs based on their proximity. Delivery fees could be higher if you are outside of their typical service range.

7. How do you feel about vignette staging?
Vignettes refer to small groupings of objects to produce pleasing focal points. Moreover, they are incredibly affordable and add to the charm and character of a living space but do not showcase the spaces full potential.  PFP prefers filling out a room to showcase its full potential however we will do vignette staging if it makes sense.

8. What is your workflow?
Understanding their workflow will help you make the necessary arrangements with your realtor. It will also help you determine what you need to do before and during the staging process.

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